Friday, August 10, 2012

Great Scenery, But No Romance

After reading the first book in Linda Lael Miller's new Western romance series, Big Sky Country (reviewed today at AAR), I'm starting to wonder what's going on with Miller.  Or maybe I should wonder what's going on with me.

I once loved Miller's Westerns.  The men were bigger than life, but totally committed to family.  These are men who live in an unforgiving climate and are often just as unforgiving in their personal lives.  That rigidity often leads to disputes.  Although many of them feud with their relatives, blood is definitely thicker than water.

So I expect a lot from a Miller book.  When I read a book like Big Sky in which the romance of the West settles more between a young man and his teenage stepdaughter and not with the young woman love interest, I've got to wonder what kind of message Miller's trying to give.

Harlequin, however, may not edit Miller as heavily as it once did, but it sure does her proud on the covers it gives her.  Now all I want is for Miller to get back in the saddle romance-wise and deliver a rodeo as entertaining and satisfying as her old novels were.

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