Sunday, December 30, 2012

Shakespeare, Sacramento, and English Teachers--Oh, my!

My review of Amy Lane's It's Not Shakespeare ran today at All About Romance.  This is one of those books that needed to last longer than it did.  Both the disgruntled English teacher James Richards and the "underwear model" Rafi Ochoa had much, much more to tell about themselves and the way they got together than Lane's slim 164 pages gave.  And I miss those insights.

Still, at 164 pages, Lane's book is a satisfying read.  I just wish readers had a chance to sit down and talk to characters who intrigue them.  I'd love to sit down with James and trade English teacher stories.  I'd especially love to know what his students in Maine were like as compared to those here in Sacramento.  I'm sure we'd have a great time chatting.

Oh, yeah, and I can honestly say that I never saw even one of my students like either of the guys on the cover.

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