Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Reluctant Review

Because at AAR (All About Romance), reviewers get to pick the books they want to read and review, I was excited to see Carla Kelly's My Loving Vigil Keeping on the list and be the one getting to review it.  I've loved Kelly's writing for years, loved especially the taunt storyline and stoic characters who plod steadfastly ahead in life.

Kelly has switched publishers, and her new editors, probably ecstatic to have her there, have given her full reign.  Consequently, her new books, many of which revolve around the Mormon faith in years past, have gotten away from her signature style.

My Loving Vigil Keeping is a case in point.  I read this book twice before I reviewed it, and each time I came away feeling cheated.  Click on the book's title for my full review at AAR.

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