Saturday, May 4, 2013

In London, Mouses Rule

My review of Amy Lane and Aleksandr Voinov's City Mouse, an offshoot of their Country Mouse novel, is typical of Amy Lane's wonderful character building and clever plotting.  For me, the unknown quantity was Voinov whose work I'd not read before.

Together, however, they've created an interesting mix with a carefree American on tour and a staid British banker, a couple no one but Lane would think to bring together.

While I'm not certain these two will remain together much longer than the fling they've started in the book, the story of how they bridge the huge gap between their lifestyles is not only readable but enjoyable.

Now I'm wondering what Lane is working on next, hopefully one of the gay-for-pay novels like Dex in Blue or Chase in Shadows.  And I'm putting Voinov on my "catch up with" reading pile.

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