Saturday, May 4, 2013

Review Ran during My Vacation--I Didn't (Run that is!)

I read Meljean Brook's A-rated Riveted during the summer, wrote a review of it, turned it in, and then as I do with most reviews, forgot about it, presuming that it would run at AAR whenever the editor put it up on the site.  Wrong, so wrong.  Somewhere in between the pushing of the "send" button and the review getting to AAR, the cyber gremlins ate the review.

The story gets even worse.  In the fall, my computer glitched, choked, and rumbled to a stuttering near-halt.  I bit the computing bullet and got a new machine with more memory and (gasp!) Win 7.  I tried to transfer my files, but being impatient with file transfer (and thinking that most documents on the old machine weren't needed, especially reviews that had already run), I didn't fill the new machine with the old machine's content.

A second gasp!  Meljean Brook's Riveted fell through so many cracks.  But fortunately, not was all lost as you can see from the review that ran while I was away on a Southern California vacation.

(It seems that another book fell through the same crack, but it's not as big a loss since it's a D grade romance and the author would probably not be as excited to see the review.  But watch AAR and you'll see when it appears.)

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