Saturday, August 17, 2013

An Endearing Love Triangle

So many people I know can relate to Sam (in Taboo for You by Anyta Sunday) who is about to turn 30 and feels as if he hasn't lived in his 20s.  Sam's the responsible guy who became a father at 15, dropped out of school to get a job to take care of his wife and new baby, and didn't look back even after he and his wife divorced.  Sam's wed to responsibility, but as his son is about to turn 15, Sam is suddenly struck with how many years he hasn't lived that his son Jeremy will have.

What to do?  Sam makes a list of 10 Things I Want to Do Before I Turn 30.  The list isn't remarkable, for the most part including things like "get drunk" and "change my appearance."  Only a few things are remarkable enough that Sam has no idea how he will fulfill them, especially "swim with sharks" and "have taboo sex--or any sex."

Into the ring steps Sam and Jeremy's gay neighbor Luke, who's just outed himself to his family and is feeling a little shaky about declaring himself gay.  But if there's one thing Luke loves, it's Sam and Jeremy, so Luke's willing to go to the mat for them.

Anyway, my latest review for All About Romance conveys how much I loved the book.  Sunday has been an up and down author for me in the past, but this book convinced me to take her much more seriously in the future.

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