Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Complicated Premise Done Well

I wonder why Brad Boney decided to write such a complicated story for his second outing as a novelist.  No matter the reason, however, he does a very good job keeping the characters and plot lines easy to follow in The Return, reviewed today at AAR.

There are so many places where the two sets of four gay friends (eight characters in all) could have been so entangled especially since the pivotal character of Stanton Parrish is so critical to both groups.  Not only that but having Stanton's love interest in both stories named Christopher could have become such a tangled mess despite one being nicknamed Hutch and the other Topher.

When I was writing my review, an image of a juggler riding a unicycle came into my head for some reason, and I realized this is the literary feat Boney pulls off without dropping the balls in the air or falling off the unicycle.  Nice!

As an aside: AAR has been running the reviewers' Top 10 romance lists since the beginning of the summer.  Today my Top 10 list ran.  Check it out.  Have you read any of the books?  Hope so!

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