Saturday, August 10, 2013

Often Laugh Out Loud Funny Romance

Let's start with a quote this time, shall we?  This from In Pieces by Alexa Land, the book review running on AAR today:

At one point in the story the porn star is amazed at how accepting the friend's family is at the Christmas party and says that if his family had ever seen him dance with a guy, they would have held a gay exorcism. When Christopher asks what a gay exorcism would be, the porn star says, “Oh, you know: the whole lot of them donning mullet wigs, which for a large percentage of them would be redundant, and then playing sport fishing videos while reading from the Sears catalog. That’d drive the gay right out of ya.”

I laughed until I had tears in my eyes.  Having been born and raised in Nebraska, I could just envision the scene.  It was so NOT California where I now live.

What I don't say in my review is that In Pieces is one of those fairytale romances--even the premise hinges on an unlikely situation.  But like any happily ever after fairytale, Land's story is engaging enough to stick to the mind and the heart, and brings a smile when it's remembered.

I really am looking forward to the sequel to this book if it's about the porn star with the wonderful attitude, but reading the short synopses of the previous books in the series, I'm not interested.  Neither sounds like my kind of book, and all the characters in the previous books didn't engage me in this one.  I'm glad I caught the series when I did.

(Oh, yes, I'm also on the AAR After Hours blog talking about our recent car-buying experience.)

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