Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sidelined in More Ways Than One

Stories about gay football players, especially those who have been rivals for years, are high on my "like" list, and Mercy Celeste's newest is no exception.  After reading the first book in the series, Six Ways from Sunday, and watching the MIA soldier go from the dead to alive lists, I was ready for another weeper from Celeste.

Sidelined, however, doesn't have angst and sorrow underpinnings like Sunday did even though at first glance with the false rape charges against Levi, the pro football player, there might seem to be some angst.  Rather this is the story of high school rivals who should have been high school lovers except that male athletes didn't hook up romantically in the Deep South then--and possibly not even now.

Since the next book is about Levi's attorney brother Jude, I'm wondering how Celeste is going to work the football angle into the story.  Are any of Levi's former teammates closet gays?  Or is Celeste veering from the football field?  Can't wait to find out.

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