Thursday, August 1, 2013

Not So Casual Weekend Fling

Cops and more cops, that seems to be a trend these days in M/M romances.  A cop with a pedophile brother, however, is something a little new.  Pairing that cop with the deputy who cut down his brother's body seems a little extreme, just like almost everything in A Casual Weekend Thing by A. J. Thomas, but oddly enough everything pretty much works in the story and didn't seem outrageous when I was reading the book.

Interestingly, the story isn't as much about peace officers doing their jobs as it is about families and the strength of bonds between family members.  That sounds benign, right?  But the two primary families in Casual Weekend are anything but benign.

Instead the story is about overcoming the road blocks families put in the way of personal fulfillment and coming out on top.

And while my review of Casual Weekend is running on AAR's front page, my grandmother's recipe for yellow potato salad is running on After Hours.  How's that for family links?

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