Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fun And Love

When fun and games turn into fun and love, a vacation after a breakup veers into love in Jacob Z. Flores' When Love Takes Over, reviewed today at AAR.

Flores delves into all the craziness of Provincetown, Mass, in this flamboyant look at getting away from it all.  Zack is distraught over being dumped, so he heads to a resort he finds on the back of a gay magazine.  There he meets porn super-bottom Hart Throb (aka Van), whom Zack doesn't recognize presumably because he doesn't watch online porn.  Right.

That's only the first of moments where I didn't believe.  Fortunately, Flores is a good enough writer and his writing style is light enough that it was easier to go with the flow than over analyze all the plot twists that rivaled a Coney Island roller coaster.

Although the subject matter is deeper than the writing style, readers who are lying on a beach hoping to get the perfect tan can spend enough enjoyable hours reveling in the antics of P-Town inhabitants and visitors to fill out a lazy day.  A few alcoholic beverages and a passing parade of beautiful young bodies might even cover over the plot holes that would otherwise make a reader's brow furrow.

So lie back and enjoy this book on its own terms.  The cover says it all: Relax.

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