Saturday, September 14, 2013

How Could I Forget?

I saw this cover on AAR this morning and thought, "I'd like to read that book.  Wasn't the sample on my Kindle recently?"  As I read the review, the book sounded familiar, really familiar, like I'd discussed the plot with my husband in the last couple of months.  Then I saw the review signature.  I was reading my review of The Final Line by Kendall McKenna; that was my signature at the bottom of the review!

And that's the life of a book reviewer who reviewed a huge number of books in a couple of weeks in order to take non-review books on vacation.

I currently have nine print galleys and five e-galleys on my Kindle to read and review.  Four reviews have a due date of October 1 while the others will be written as I finish reading the galleys.  I also have two samples on my Kindle of books that I might review.  We'll see.

When people ask me what I'm currently reading I often don't know.  Titles don't stick with me, but plots do.  After the first two paragraphs of my review of The Final Line, I fondly remembered the book since I was intrigued at how McKenna would resolve his soldier's PTSD issues.  And because the book doesn't paint a "love conquers all, especially PTSD" picture, I highly recommend it to readers.

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