Saturday, September 7, 2013

Oh, How I Want to Love This

I usually read the dedications and forwards of review books, mostly because they often give me insight as to what the authors were thinking when they sat down to write.  This insight helps me decide whether books are successful representations of their creators' visions or not.  Of course, not all authors provide this peek into their brains, but those who do often make their books more enjoyable.

That's in part why Michael Murphy's It Should Have Been You was a disappointment.  Murphy's notes about how the book came to be written were compelling and made me eager to read the fictionalized account of a story he'd heard from other sources.  But Murphy's too much of a reporter to give the fictionalized account a fictional, rather than journalistic, edge.  That's fine in a news feature article, but doesn't work for romance.

Like I said in the review and here, I really, really wanted to like this book, but in the end, while I'd made the intellectual investment, my heart wasn't engaged as the story warranted.

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