Saturday, November 23, 2013

I Laughed So Hard I Cried

I love reading review books and galleys on my Kindle and often do at night before I go to sleep.  Often my husband falls asleep before I turn off my Kindle, so those times, I try to be quiet which is facilitated by the Kindle's noiseless page turning.

But when I read Spark by Posy Roberts, I couldn't contain my laughter at various places throughout the story, places I'm not sure Roberts was going for humor.  One particularly funny spot, which you can read about in my review at AAR, caused me not only to shake the bed but to wake my sleepy husband and read the pages to him.

While he didn't find them as funny as I did since he had no context and was admittedly sleeping before being awakened, I was still laughing about this particular passage the next morning.

I'm fairly sure that Roberts didn't mean the passage to be so funny since the men were supposedly overcome by lust and hurrying home to have sex.  But I guess in the end I can use this passage as an example, when readers accuse gay romance of being wall-to-wall sex, that the couple in all gay romances are rushing to have sex.

(Oh, yes, what's that thing on the cover?  Is it a sleeping bag snail?  Uninstalled insulation?  And what significance does it have to anything in the book?  I have no idea.)

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