Saturday, November 16, 2013

Comic Book Illustrations and Love

On the same day that the San Francisco Chronicle ran its BatKid special edition, with byline by Clark Kent (about time he wrote a news story!), my review of Damon Suede's Bad Idea, a novel that has fun with comic books, ran.

Suede's book dovetailed with all the wonderfully dorky things I've loved my whole life: larger than large characters, elaborate costumes, wonderfully garish makeup, and people who think outrageous thoughts and then put them into being.  I was so afraid that Bad Idea would turn out to be just that: a travesty of everything I love about comics and the edges of creativity.

Fortunately for everyone, Suede's Bad Idea is not only a Good Idea, but a Great Idea.  His take on the highs and lows of pure creation and soul-searing marketing make for wonderful reading.

Is this the book for you?  Read my review and find out.

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