Tuesday, November 12, 2013

In the News

I've added a third online publication for which I'm reviewing gay romance fiction (and possibly other types of romance).  In addition to AAR and Booklist, I'll be reviewing for The Romance Reviews.

Each of the review publications is different, and each in its own way is unique, which I very much enjoy.  I'd urge all romance readers to look at the reviews at all these sites to find books they will enjoy.  Here's how to find a review site that will work for you:

Go to the review site and enter the title of one of your favorite romance novels.

1) Has the book been reviewed?
2) Does the reviewer agree with you that the book is great? 
3) Do you and the reviewer agree about WHY the book is great?
4) Or does the reviewer think the book isn't so good? 
5) Why does the reviewer think this?  Are these reasons valid?

Rather than judge a book review site on its current reviews, you will get more information about whether you want to read new books that are reviewed if you know how the reviewers reacted to a book you're familiar with.  There's nothing more disappointing than to read a rave review and spend money on a copy of the book only to find out you dislike it.

While I'd love to say that the three places for which I review are the perfect venues for finding the perfect romance reviews, I know we all differ.  So give the three book review sites above a chance.  I hope we can add you as a reader.http://www.theromancereviews.com/

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