Saturday, December 28, 2013

Meeting the Father of the Bride

Cute meets are the order of the day.  L. B. Gregg's How I Met Your Father stretches the cute meet into sleaze territory and then treats the whole "I had sex with the father of the bride in the handicapped bathroom at the airport" as a joke.  But that's exactly what Gregg meant this to be.

Having read and reviewed about 55 gay romances in 2013, I thought I was fairly immune to immaturity and raunchy behavior in men, but Gregg's sketchy comedy left me scratching my head and wondering what was funny.

I guess this is another example of comedy being in the eye of the beholder.  The book, however, does go a long way to explain why American mating rituals and nuptials are a joke to the rest of the world.  With a promiscuous father and no mother to speak of, the bride in this particular book seems perfectly understandable marrying her college instructor, a former boy band member.

Believing that the currently happy couple have even a smidgen of a chance at happily ever after is beyond the bounds of suspension of disbelief.  If anyone does believe theirs will be a happy future, then anything is possible.  My only caution is to watch out for flying pigs.

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