Thursday, January 9, 2014

Another Double Review Day

Don't you just hate it when you read the synopsis of a book, then the sample, and the book doesn't live up to your expectations?  I do.  And my reviews posted at All About Romance and The Romance Reviews today are those kinds of disappointing books.

Long the Mile by Ally Blue has a wonderful premise in two homeless men who were once successful helping each other learn how to live on the street.  Since my husband and I once were on the board of a homeless project and mentored one of the first families, I was curious about how accurate Blue would be in her novel.  Not so much, as it turned out, which was a big disappointment.

Adored by Shawn Bailey, on the other hand, doesn't promise to be realistic, by any means.  However, it has so many out-and-out horrific problems that it's a wonder that Phaze (celebrating nine years in publishing their website proudly announces) thought the book worthy of publication.  Why did I think it was worthy of review?  I'd hoped to see all the problems convincingly cleared up by the end of the book.  Instead, they're just left as is.  Truly disappointing.

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