Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I Want to Go THERE!

I wrote a blog piece that's posted today on All About Romance about some of the imaginary places I've always wanted to visit.  You know those places, the places where those lucky protagonists get to shop or hang out.

Many of them are historic houses in Great Britain, but more of them are scattered around the world.  There's a café in Paris that's featured in one of Shira Anthony's books and the bar in Virgin River in Robin Carr's books.

But the book that got me thinking about all of this lately is the wonderful, marvelous second-hand Cabbages and Kinks in Josephine Myles' latest, Stuff.  I reviewed the book for AAR and then subsequently wrote the blog piece.

Not only is the name of the place absolutely charming--and wouldn't Lewis Carroll/Charles Dodgson be pleased to have such an establishment named such?--but Myles' descriptions of the shop's contents and her character Mas' imaginative arranging of them is sublime.

It's the kind of shop I would want to visit with my art group and love to hear their comments about the various bits and pieces in it.

I can't decide what my favorite item would be, but I do know that I'd buy one of Perry's sculptures to add to my art collection.  I'd come back time and again to see what else he'd created too.

If you have a favorite imaginary place where you'd like to visit, I'd love to hear about it.

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