Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Weight Isn't Really the Issue, Is It?

From my review of The Skinny on Love by Fyn Alexander:

Two men scarred by their childhoods clash over weight issues in this poignant love story.

When 36-year old private detective Sky Cook gets a call from 37-year-old former British Army captain (now gym owner) John Moorcroft about finding his long lost mother, Sky thinks the case will be a slam dunk.

But when the tall, overweight Sky shows up at John's gym and realizes how much he despises flabby, unfit people, Sky's skeptical about being able to work with him. However, they agree to barter services. John will help Sky lose weight and get in shape while Sky will find John's mom who left when he was a boy.

Sky is skeptical when John, while showing signs of being gay, adamantly keeps telling everyone around him that he's straight. When Sky meets John's acerbic father, who beat John after he'd seen his son in a gay neighborhood when John was a teen, the detective isn't surprised that John is hiding so far in the closet or that John's mother left the volatile man.

As Sky and John get to know one another better and Sky succumbs to John's masterful personality, they not only discover the mother's secrets but also something else...

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