Thursday, March 26, 2015

Congratulations, Heidi!

One of the things I'd hoped to do when I started writing reviews of gay romances at All About Romance and Booklist was to have m/m romances become an accepted part of the larger romance universe.  I didn't accomplish my goal, but I'm so happy to report that Heidi Cullinan has!

Her marvelous romance, Fever Pitch, is on the finalist list for the Romance Writers of America 2015 awards.  As far as I know, this is a first for both Heidi and for m/m romances. 

It's a validation that what we are writing isn't so fringe after all, and gay romance is just as important in the world of romance writing as the Regencies, historicals, contemporaries, and other splinter groups that have been accepted for decades.

If you haven't read Fever Pitch, I urge you do so.  You can buy it at these and other online booksellers:
Amazon UK
Amazon Canada
Barnes and Noble
Samhain Publishing

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