Thursday, May 14, 2015

Next Book in Series Is a Go!

Just signed a contract with Dreamspinner Press to publish the third in my Foothills Pride series, Behr Facts, in October/November 2015.  It too is a novella which centers around the fictitious community of Stone Acres, California, due east of the San Francisco Bay area.

This time Abe Behr is the main character.  Abe with his younger brothers Ben and Connor runs Behr Construction Company, and they are the main contractor in the area, employing numerous Behr relatives who are split on the subject of queers moving into the area.

Clashes between the newbies and the oldtimers continue in the third book as Abe tries to figure out who in the family is skimming money from the company.  Abe is also faced with exploring his sexuality when he's attracted to the son of his father's nemesis.

The second book in the series, Redesigning Max, publishes in July.

To read the first Foothills Pride story, What's in a Name?, get your copy here:

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