Monday, June 1, 2015

Took a Tiny Bite and Had a Birthday

Why didn't I do this from the beginning?  Call me skeptical, I guess.  I've turned the Amazon URL for What's in a Name? into a tiny URL
Not only that, but I bit the bullet into unknown territory, and left a shameless self-promotion on the comments section of Writers in the Storm blog's Day to Pimp and Promote.  Thanks, author Brad Lewis, for sending me the link to this.
In other news, my editor, Erika, is in the midst of flooding in Texas.  I'm not sure what impact this will have on Redesigning Max and its pub date, but it sure has had an impact on Erika.  My thoughts and prayers are with her.  I hope she hooks up with Noah soon and floats her way back to dry land.
Finally, after a week at Pacific Grove, California, I'm back ready to keep writing When Adam Fell.  I'm still hoping to get it in the submissions queue at Dreamspinner Press before the end of June.
While I was away, I suffered another birthday--there have been so many now!  My daughters gave me the perfect presents--both of them involving entertainment tickets.  Sarah and her family got me tickets to the Mondavi Center.  My husband and I have talked about going to see/hear something there since it opened years ago, but have never gotten motivated.  Now we must.  What to choose?  What to choose?
My daughter Becca and Dan got me tickets to see/hear Jay Brannan in San Francisco in July.  I'm a fan of Brannan's, and have wanted to hear him live.  I was blown away when he had a ramble and sing online from New York one night after a performance.  That evening made me even more eager to hear/see him.  Now I'm really stoked.
Thanks, Sarah, Becca, and families for making my birthday exciting!

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