Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fredi Answers Interview Questions

Well, you've heard from Max, a man of few words, in Redesigning Max.  Now it's Fredi's turn to answer a few questions for Pride-Promotions' Character Study.

What kinds of things does the wonderful Fredi (right on the cover) talk about?  Here's a sample:

What is Fredi’s hair color? Eye color?
Oh, honey, if it weren’t for the addition of streaks and highlights—whenever I have enough hours to get them—I’d be what my wonderful Max calls a “mud hen.”  I’m brown and brown by birth.  But, hey, God didn’t give us hairdressers only to work on Dolly Parton and the lovelies on Drag Show, right?  Since I couldn’t decide what color to go with and didn’t make time to get it done, I’m in my natural state on the book cover.  More’s the pity, right?  And my eyes?  Whatever color contacts go with my outfit, of course.

What kind of distinguishing facial features does Fredi have?
Well, we can’t all be as pretty as I am.  My friends Jimmy and Felicity tell me I’ll always look boyish even in old age.  I’m just fine looking like Dorian Gray.  You know, I love that scraggly, hairy look on my man, but on me?  Oh, hell no, baby.  Of course, I didn’t inherit the hair gene.  I only have to shave once or twice a week.  And my chest?  No wax, on moi.  All natural, smooth as a baby’s bum.  Besides, if I did hair it up, I’d look like a kid about to go out Trick or Treating, which I used to do adult-fashion when I was wild and single.

Read more from the irrepressible Fredi, at Pride-Promotions.

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