Monday, August 3, 2015

On the Road with Fredi and Max

I'm waiting for Fredi and Max of Redesigning Max to join me as we visit Prism Book Alliance and Mikky's World of Books today.  Let's see if they're ready, shall we?

Pat opens Max's front door and hears....

Fredi: Today, honey, we're visiting two sites--or rather revisiting one of the sites.  You've packed us box lunches and charted a safe path through the underbrush, so we won't get lost, right?

Max: Fredi, there's no underbrush.  This is a virtual hike.  No too-hot sun, no gnats or flies, no swatting back branches and weeds.  It's all good.

Fredi: I knew you'd say that, Sweetness. (sighs)  Still, we're not sitting out on the patio slurping down pina coladas, are we? No. No. We're going to be going somewhere.  Which means I have to dress up.  I mean, what is a person supposed to wear when we go visiting?

Max: Doesn't matter.  Pat's going to be doing all the talking this time.  Just sit back, nod, relax.  Wear jeans, you know, casual.  Relax.

Fredi: (with an even bigger sigh)  You always tell me that, you lunk-head.  Relax, Fredi.  Relax.

Max starts massaging Fredi's shoulders.

Max (purring) It's gonna be okay.  Just....

Fredi:  Don't even say it!  Just keep doing what you're doing.

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