Tuesday, August 4, 2015

One of Those Days...And Then Wow!

A stunning 5 Apple Cinnamon Bread Rating
for Redesigning Max
When Adam Fell, my work in progress, is a mess--a total and utter mess.  Chapters in the wrong order, timeline out of sequence, the worst case scenario for a writer.  True, it has to do with having my focus completely shot because of my brother's health problem.  But still...

So I'm struggling to get it into shape and still can't focus.  Redesigning Max came out on July 29th and like every other author, I hope that readers will like it and maybe even get my point.  (Another blog on that later.)

And like every author, I have one eye to the reviews as I unscramble Adam.  Unlike other authors, I'm rejoicing that I'm a 10 for 10 match as a blood marrow donor and waiting for when I need to be at Mayo's for the PBSC transfer.  In other words, I'm frayed around the edges.

Then Bec at Bike Book Reviews hits me with an absolutely wonderful (and insider joke funny) review of Redesigning Max.  It's amazing how quickly my day brightened and became less frustrating.  Thank you, Bec!

The book is also featured on Elisa's website today without a review.  I'm bummed that I can't even enter the 2015 awards because my books are strictly eBooks and not available in print.  Ah, well.  Rules are rules, right?  Maybe in the future she'll accept the E's.

But even with that bit of downer, Bec and her review have buoyed me up and kept me going today.

You can buy Redesigning Max at the following places and wherever eBooks are sold:
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