Friday, August 7, 2015

USA Today and Other Reviews

This has been a banner day for Redesigning Max, the second of the Foothills Pride novellas after What's in a Name?

First, Becky Condit reviewed the book for USA Today and said some very, very nice things about it.  She made me cry at the end when she said, "I recommend Redesigning Max as a fun, enjoyable romance with memorable characters, good and bad, and I recommend Pat Henshaw as a romance writer to follow."

Not only did she like Max, but she also recommended the first book, What's in a Name?  How wonderful is that?

As if that weren't enough for one day--and it is terrific!--Max was reviewed in two other places: Two reviewers give their opinions of the book at Inked Rainbow Reviews, one with a 5-star and the other with a 4-star review.

And Lucy at Hearts on Fire pins 4 stars on the book with her lovely review.

Where can you buy a copy of the books?  Well, there are always the links on the right side of this blog piece and the titles above are linked to the Dreamspinner Press online store.  Or you can buy the books wherever eBooks are sold.

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