Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Just in Case You Want to Vote

So I got this email today:

The book, What's in a Name? by Pat Henshaw, was submitted to compete in the TRR Readers' Choice Awards - Winter 2015.

We are pleased to inform you that What's in a Name? has fulfilled the minimum requirements and is moved to the next round -- the Nomination Round.

In the Nomination Round, What's in a Name? has to garner at least 50 nominations within the time period in order to qualify for the next and final round. The nomination will start on September 11 and end on September 30. Invite your fans and reader community to nominate the book here:
So if you are one of the wonderful people who votes for things like this, I'd appreciate your vote, as would Jimmy and Guy, the protagonists of What's in a Name?


If you haven't read the first two of the Foothills Pride series, What's in a Name? or Redesigning Max, you can use the Amazon links to the right of this blog piece or click on the titles to order them.

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