Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Christmas in August

I've written stories and submitted them three times for Dreamspinner Press' Calls for Submission.  Twice my stories were rejected.  Imagine my surprise when my short story, Blame It on the Fruitcake, was accepted for the Advent anthology this year.  Yup, I was definitely doing the happy dance that day.

Fruitcake is about a motorcycle mechanic who grew up in the local Children's Home and doesn't know what it's like to celebrate the holidays with a caring, loving family. 

Sam McGuire, the mechanic, finds a gift-wrapped piece of fruitcake on his loft's doorstep one day when he comes home from work.  With it is an invitation to a holiday party from the guy who's just moved in down the hall, Jay Merriweather.

Although Sam's initially suspicious of the fruitcake, he loves it after his first bite.  Intending to get more at the party and bring it home with him, Sam shows up even though he doesn't like white collar parties.  There he discovers love and Merry Christmases to come.

Don't know when it will be featured at Dreamspinner, but it'll be available both in the anthology and as a stand-alone story available in eBook format online.  More information to come as I get it.

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