Friday, September 18, 2015

The Foothills Pride Series Grows

I just signed a contract with Dreamspinner Press to publish the fourth of the Foothills Pride stories, When Adam Fell.  The tentative publication date is February or March of 2016.

In case you haven't read the first two in the series or are wondering about the third in the series, here's a list of the titles, when they published, and which folk tales they are very loosely based on:

* What's in a Name? published in January 2015, a riff on Rumplestiltskin
* Redesigning Max published in July 2015, a riff on Cinderella
* Behr Facts to come late October 2015, a riff on Goldilocks
* When Adam Fell to come February/March 2016, a riff on the phoenix legend

I'm currently working on the fifth book, tentatively titled Cookie, which is a riff on Tom Thumb.

If you haven't read the two published books, you can buy them online at Dreamspinner, Amazon, and wherever eBooks are sold.  You can also use the links on the right side of this post.


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