Sunday, October 18, 2015

Queer Romance Month!

Okay, I'm the first to admit that I'm not quite on top of things this year.  October 1 snuck up on me and only now am I posting that this is Queer Romance Month.  Like I said, slow, so slow this year.

My excuses are that I've been writing, I've been published, and I've been involved with family upheaval.  Still, I realize these are only excuses.

Obviously, since I'm an author who writes Queer Romance, I totally and whole-heartedly support Queer Romance Month.  Would I like everyone to read my stories?  Absolutely!  Do I endorse the idea that Love Is not a Subgenre?  Absolutely!  Do I believe in my heart that everyone, no matter who he or she is, deserves to be loved?  Absolutely!  And that's what the Foothill Pride series is all about.

So, belatedly, but thankfully not too late, I'm on board!

Where can you buy my books?  Well, at Dreamspinner Press, at Amazon (using the links on the right of this post), or anywhere eBooks are sold.  Thanks!

Now go celebrate Queer Romance Month!  Love somebody!

(And thank you, Brad, for getting me up to speed about this.  You push me; I push you.)

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