Tuesday, August 16, 2016

That New-Book Smell

My #1 Fan reads my new book
Today my copies of Foothills Pride Stories, Vol. 1 appeared on my doorstep. Talk about exciting!

Some writers have compared this to receiving a Christmas present, but it's better than that. For one thing, it's physical proof of hard work and perseverance. It's like the first clipping from a newspaper with a byline.

Even though I know there are libraries full of obsolete and unread books and that mine may be joining their ranks probably before this year is over, I've at least accomplished a goal I've had since I was a child, creating books from stray sheets of paper and crayons.

What does a box of books feel like and smell like? The paperbacks are weighty as if they contain important stories, even if they are romances.

And the smell? Ah, the smell is the writer's version of the new car smell. Wonderful.

Not that I'm excited or anything.... LOL

If you'd like your own copy of this marvelous book, you can get one from these online stores or bookstores everywhere.

Amazon UK
Amazon Canada
Barnes & Noble

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