Friday, September 30, 2011

The Heartache of Reviewing a Syrupy Book

My review of Healing Autumn's Heart by Renee Andrews is posted at the AAR website today.  I'm eclectic in my romance reading, having reviewed pretty much the complete spectrum from solidly religious books to erotica and from time periods extending from the early Roman Empire to far into the fantastic future.  I can find an interesting romance in every subgenre.

Healing Autumn's Heart isn't one of the interesting Christian-based books, however.  Mostly this is because of the upbeat, almost giddily happy tone that belies the grim subject of breast cancer.  That coupled with the attitude of God as the opiate of the people with no purpose except to make people feel better about their lot in life stunned me.

Given all of that, however, I still don't like to write negative reviews.  But as the saying goes, someone has to.  Ugh.

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