Monday, October 3, 2011

Las Vegas without a Hint of Vegas

The review of Night after Night is up at AAR today.  This is a solid romance with two love stories for the price of one.  And the two stories aren't brothers, sisters, or relatives for a change!

The primary couple are a jewelry designer and an ex-con -- in both senses of the word, convict and con man.  As a person who enjoys looking at new designers' work, I wish Denison had gone into more description of Zoe's creations.  But description, either of the jewelry or the locale (Las Vegas) isn't Denison's strong point.

The secondary couple are a mega singing star and a nightclub owner.  Again, the backstory for these two is really well done and their motivations believable.  But also again, the description of Jessica's concert and Noah's club are sadly missing.

I'm really hoping that Denison learns how to add pointed description to her writing because then she'll really be a killer author.

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