Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Unexpected Review to AAR

I commented on the AAR reviewer bulletin board that I was reading Gold Rush Groom by Jenna Kernan and was enjoying it.  I added that I hoped someone at AAR was reviewing it.

Shortly after that when I was just finishing the book, the editor asked if I'd review it.  Of course, I jumped on the offer!

This is the second romance I've read about the settling of the Yukon, and it was much better than the other one whose title I can't remember.  I was especially blown away by the main female character Lily whose independent spirit and exuberant love of the Alaskan wilderness made the book especially fun to read.  Lily is a toned down version of Low Down in Maggie Osborne's Silver Lining.

I just wish that the her former Princeton blue blood love interest were as compelling as she was.  Jack was everything one would expect from a myopic social register guy who lowers himself to mingle with the masses.

But I can see what Kernan was trying to do: take down Jack a peg or two, and show Lily that she was much, much better than the debutantes Jack thought he was destined to marry.

Gold Rush Groom, a totally misleading title, is definitely on my personal DIK list and a book I'll read again.

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