Monday, February 20, 2012

Past Love Emerges

My review of On Lavender Lane by JoAnn Ross is posted on AAR today.  My husband and I just got back from a mini-vacation to the northern California redwoods and coast, and I was reminded of the rugged coastal conditions when I read this book.

I was also reminded of the proliferation of cooks and upscale eateries.  We stayed at Raymond's Bakery which not only is an eating place but also has a few cabins on the grounds.  Mark and Elizabeth, we hear, are wonderful hosts, but I don't think they were expecting us.

A redwood branch had just fallen on the bakery, so it was closed until the beginning of March 2012.  Consequently, Mark was really focused on getting it back on its feet.  This was fine with us since we'd gotten away not to make new friends but to be alone.

All of this--the redwood damage and the wind-swept loneliness of the beach--reminded me of On Lavender Lane, not because of anything overt, but just because of the mood of the book.  If long stretches of beach and time to reflect are your cup of tea (and the fantastic Mr. Trumbleys Tea Shop is near Raymond's), then give On Lavender Lane a try.

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