Saturday, July 27, 2013

Something Like...a Classic

I was hooked on Jay Bell's writing midway through Something Like Summer.  His prose is moving and he knows how to frame a story so that readers become hooked and stay hooked as he reels them in closer and closer to his characters.

In Something Like Autumn, Bell pushed all my buttons as I read about Jace's past.  I'd saved this book for a flight from California to Italy, knowing that I'd have hours of uninterrupted reading time.  I would have been wiser to remember the effect Bell's writing has on me and saved the book for home when I wasn't planning to go out in public.  As it was, I ended up at 30,000 feet or whatever the cruising altitude is and sobbing over the poignant story.  I'm sure the man next to me thought he'd gotten the seat next to the lunatic since my rose-covered Kindle doesn't look menacing at all.

At any rate, I'm happy that my DIK review of Something Like Autumn has been added to the AAR database and might lead others to read this great gay romance.

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